The best possible outcome for children

Improving a child’s family environment gives them their best chance for future physical and mental health and improved quality of life. With the support of our expert team and our proven systems, local services can put into place practical, realistic, and cost-effective programmes for families.

Triple P UK can help your community prevent child maltreatment and reduce out of home placements; improve physical and mental health outcomes; promote language and literacy and school engagement; and address the root causes of family dysfunction to improve social mobility. In other words, we can help you re-write the script for a whole generation. Where would you like to start making a difference?

Early help

Implement an effective and flexible support system to help every child and family, regardless of ability.

Health and wellbeing

Improve the health and wellbeing of families, while reducing pressure on waitlists and crisis services.

Educational outcomes

Support education settings to help parents equip their children with the skills they need to succeed.

How can we help?

Implement the Triple P System, train your staff, and/or offer online courses for families or educators


Triple P Implementation

Use a proven system to create a successful, sustainable population-health approach to child and family wellbeing.

Triple P Training

Find out more about professional training to deliver various Triple P programmes to parents and families.

Triple P Online Courses

Support families or Early Childhood Educators with our self-directed online training programs.


How can we help you reach your goals?

Matt Buttery

CEO Triple P UK