Implementing effective parenting support

We know you want to make meaningful changes in the community by bringing evidence-based parenting support to as many families as possible. This also means offering programmes that are attractive to parents, easily accessible, and whose value for money can be readily demonstrated. As agencies and governments increasingly understand the importance of implementation science for effective and sustainable delivery, Triple P UK is one step ahead with systems and processes that are at the forefront of best practice.

We work with organisations across the UK who want to help communities, young people and children by creating supportive family environments. Our implementation teams help you determine the level of need, the best types of support, and how to make the most of existing local capacity.

Successful implementation depends on multiple factors:

  • accurately assessing needs,
  • using the right intervention(s),
  • training the available workforce, and
  • ensuring high-quality, yet affordable, service delivery.

Our team of Implementation Consultants and Trainers have the skills, experience, and systems to help local areas develop a community-based approach that will work now and into the future.

Supporting effective delivery

Our Implementation Consultants (ICs) help you to establish and connect with local systems and processes using our unique Implementation Framework. This implementation-science-based framework includes specific methods, skills and tools that enable a smoother integration and quality-assured delivery of the Triple P programme.

This also includes helping you set up ways to evaluate the reach and effectiveness of services to refine and improve. Triple P UK’s unique online platform, ASRA (Automatic Scoring and Reporting Application) allows each Triple P provider to monitor and measure a family's progress, and give valuable feedback to parents and tailor their programme delivery – including referrals to other services if needed.

Extra support is available in the form of, for example, workshops and support calls for co-ordinators and managers.

However, the entire process is built on Triple P principles of minimal sufficiency and self-regulation, which means there’s an extra benefit for communities and partner services: IC’s are there to help them develop their own capacity to implement programmes effectively, in an ongoing sense.


How can we help you reach your goals?

Jo Andreini

Operations Manager
Triple P UK

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