Training family support professionals

When those who interact with families (through the education, health and social systems) are able to provide one language of support for their families, offering consistent help across the community, strong outcomes for comparatively little investment of delivery time can be achieved.

Most people in this field want to do the right thing by families and get good results. But if you’re not using evidence-based programmes, you’re not using programmes that work – you’re hitting your head against a brick wall, frequently. You’re experiencing a lot of failure, clinically. And that’s demoralising, that makes people feel as though that their work is not valued… but when people acquire evidence-based tools that enable them to work more successfully – there are huge rewards involved, personally, in knowing that what you’re contributing to children and families is making a difference. – Professor Matt Sanders

Triple P has been designed to be delivered across a number of different formats, including directly to parents online; in different settings, and with the right combination of rigorous systems and adaptability and flexibility to meet the unique needs of each community and family.

One of the keys to Triple P’s success is the systematic and efficient approach to training practitioners to deliver the programmes consistently, effectively, and with the right combination of “fidelity and flexibility” (retaining core programme elements while adapting to each family’s needs). Triple P’s training and accreditation processes have been continuously evaluated and refined and are conducted under the auspices of a prestigious global Top 50 university.

Whether it’s helping more children start school on the right foot, reducing the number of children exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences, or improving children's and parents' mental health, Triple P is the proven system for making positive changes with long term social and economic benefits.

Training courses run for just a few days, and can be done in-house for a larger workforce or at our regular scheduled training sessions for small groups or individuals. Once trained, practitioners have access to a wide range of resources and support, including a worldwide network of fellow Triple P practitioners. Extension training courses make it easier for trained Triple P providers to deliver a number of Triple P programmes (for example, so they can also deliver Teen Triple P programmes or to large groups as well as to individuals).

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Deputy Head of Training (UK)

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