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Most parents looking for answers turn to the internet; many now prefer to complete parenting programmes online. We have developed the online versions of Triple P and Teen Triple P in response to overwhelming demand, and they offer a way to make the best use of technology to maximise parent engagement. In recent years, international public health rollouts of the Triple P system have shown that by including an evidence-based online program, the widest possible population can be reached, and results achieved.

We now also offer Fear-Less Triple P Online, to help parents of anxious children and teenagers support the development of anxiety coping skills.

Organisations use Triple P's online programmes in a number of ways: for example, as a way to support families on waiting lists; as a way to involve partners who can’t attend face-to-face sessions; as part of referral pathways through schools or healthcare services for families who need or have requested support; and as part of a community-wide approach to offering and promoting positive parenting.

…with impressive results:

Triple P Online covers all the strategies a parent would learn by doing a similar face-to-face Triple P programme, with comparable or better ability to reduce social, emotional, and behavioural issues in children and improve their parents' confidence and capability, while also reducing parental levels of stress and depression.

Randomised controlled trials of Triple P Online have demonstrated reductions in behaviour problems in children with early-onset conduct disorders, as well as improvements in ADHD symptoms of pre-school children. At least seven randomised controlled trials of Triple P Online have demonstrated positive outcomes.

How Triple P Online programmes are game-changers

  • Flexible delivery: self-paced and convenient
  • Helps reduce waitlists
  • Cost-effective
  • Improves health outcomes for families
  • Reduces provider burden – can be used as an adjunct


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Matt Buttery

CEO Triple P UK

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