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Triple P UK launches Family Transitions Online to help families experiencing distress from separation.

Triple P UK has launched Family Transitions Online, a self-directed, online parenting programme specifically designed to help families experiencing personal distress from separation or divorce.

How successful integration of parenting programmes has delivered long-term results in Scotland

The NHS Education for Scotland led Psychology of Parenting Project aka PoPP, celebrated 10 years in 2023. It’s supported over 7,500 families to access evidence-based parenting support, this case study explores the impact of both the group work and recent addition of Triple P Online…

Triple P’s Matt Buttery announced as Associate Professor at University of Warwick

Matt Buttery, UK & Ireland CEO of international parenting programme Triple P, has joined University of Warwick Faculty of Social Sciences as an Honorary Associate Professor in Family and Parenting Practice and Policy.

How Triple P works in diverse communities

Triple P is backed by global research and has been proven by millions of families around the world. Learn more about Brilliant Parents experience of delivering Triple P programme with black and minority ethnic parents in the London Boroughs of Hillingdon and Brent.

Research study: Triple P UK are excited to announce…

Triple P UK are excited to announce that we have secured funding from the Youth Endowment Fund (YEF). Working in partnership with the University of Warwick, Triple P will deliver a £1.6m research project that will investigate the Teen Triple P programme…

Joining the Dots: Are parenting programmes the key to integrated local family support?

Maximising public resources is more important than ever, and this can start at local level, through truly integrated support. Find out more about Triple P’s rationale for how funding can be brought together to ensure services are impacting as many families as possible whilst also reaching those who need it the most.

Case study: ASRA: Effective outcome tracking

Using data to demonstrate the impact of family support interventions helps maintain service quality – and continued funding. Find out why reporting on outcomes is now much quicker and easier for Leicestershire and Gloucestershire County Councils…

Case study: Positively supporting parents in their child’s first 1001 days

By giving parents-to-be and new parents the knowledge and skills to better provide nurturing, responsive care, we can help give all babies get the best possible start in life. Find out how important it is to support new parents with practical strategies…

Case study: Why evidence-based parenting programmes are the key to Levelling Up

The national Levelling Up initiative is about addressing regional inequality, but it’s not just bridges and buildings. Find out how integrated services and support make positive changes happen…

Case study: Supporting children with anxiety

Concerns about the well-being and emotional health of children and young people have been rising over the past two decades, with anxiety rates increasing among teenage girls in particular. This trend has only worsened during COVID-19.

Case study: Supporting children and families on the edge of care

A society ultimately succeeds based on how well it protects and prepares the next generation. All children deserve to grow up in an environment that prioritises their safety and …

Case study: Positively preventing mental health challenges

Mental health challenges can occur in people of all ages and backgrounds. An estimated one in four people experience mental health issues each year, according to data from Mental Health First Aid England.

Case study: Creating an engaging and nurturing home learning environment

Parents play a crucial role in creating an environment which nurtures children’s learning, through warm relationships where children are valued and listened to, their contributions and ideas are taken seriously, and their language development and independent thinking are encouraged.

Case study: Helping prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have emerged as an important population-level indicator of disadvantage across the community since a ground-breaking study in …

Case study: how Triple P programmes are helping parents resolve conflict

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises that evidence-based parenting programmes are proven to support the creation of stable and nurturing relationships between children and their parents.

Case study: Early Help services adopt Triple P Online during COVID-19

The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 and the resulting national lockdown in March 2020 required health care and social care services across the country to adapt rapidly. To support Local Authorities …

Case study: flexible delivery for a rapidly-changing world

In Nottingham City, families’ needs are being met even during the most challenging of times, through a collaborative partnership that combines evidence-based support with creativity and flexible delivery.

Case study: whole community benefits

In Ireland, the Midlands Area Parenting Partnership rolled out Triple P across the entire community of Longford Westmeath. Even though not every family took part, the social contagion effect spread the benefits across the community.

Case study: Teachers said ADHD, but parenting support changed everything

Mother-of-three Charlene was challenged by her youngest son's difficult behaviour. Triple P strategies helped her regain her confidence.

Case study: Sheffield takes parenting help to a mass audience

Relieving pressure from referral based support for hard-to-reach families.

Case study: better outcomes through partnerships

East Sussex County Council is a leading example of how support agencies in local areas can work together to improve provision and delivery of evidence-based parenting support services.

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