Teachers said ADHD, but now he’s a different boy

When Charlene's youngest son began acting out, she was worried he’d be diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), even though he was only five years old. She tried hard to help him, but as time went on and his behaviour became worse, Charlene felt overwhelmed.

After one year, her six-year-old is like a different child, but back then, he was presenting a real challenge.

He would ignore me when asked to clean up after himself. He didn’t want to do anything when it came to small chores he was responsible for, says Charlene.

And at school, there were problems too. Charlene was being called into the headmaster's office every couple of weeks to discuss her son's behaviour. The teachers kept chalking up his problems to ADHD but she wasn’t so sure.

To top it all off, things were getting more difficult at home. When Charlene’s relationship broke down and she started all three of her children in counselling, she saw some changes in his behaviour. But the real breakthrough came when she started working with a Triple P practitioner and was able to apply some new strategies.

I'm able to take time to hear him now, Charlene says. This change has been a major, major thing for us.

She also discovers that sports were a great outlet for him to burn off extra energy. Developing hobbies at home has helped preventing her children to get on each other’s nerves. Now, her son spends much more time a day pursuing his interests independently, and his creative side has emerged.

Today, Charlene loves to sit on the floor with him and share an activity. In the past the children had seen some less-than-ideal ways of handling anger. And like many parents, Charlene says she’d sometimes found herself losing her temper with her boy because she found his behaviour so hard to manage.

With Triple P's strategies at hand, she now really wants to guide her children not just effectively, but positively. Her son is doing just fine in school, and overall, she’s amazed and excited that everything is so much better than it was before.

If you would have seen him from last year to this, there is a huge difference. Using Triple P techniques has helped me be more patient with all three of my children and, as a result, I now have a better relationship with all of them.

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