A healthy head-start

Parenting has a far-reaching impact on our lives, including our health. A poor start in life can lead to a range of mental and physical problems. The effects of stress on the developing brain and body are now well established. For example, higher levels of cortisol and adrenaline interfere with normal development and increase the risk of not only mental health problems but physical illnesses.

The negative effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) can be the result of abuse or neglect but can also include exposure to frequent conflict or unpredictable parenting, for example due to parental stress or depression, alcohol or substance misuse, or the effects of poverty. A difficult start makes it harder to achieve one’s full potential at school and in life, and the capacity to overcome setbacks is diminished. Without effective support, family and parental dysfunction is often replicated. The result: intergenerational and interlinked physical and mental health problems.

Meanwhile, the protective effects of positive parenting on life and health outcomes are also now becoming more widely known. Nurturing, emotionally stable family environments provide the neurological and physical foundations for better life outcomes and improved capacity to cope with life’s ups and downs. Triple P helps parents support their child's optimum current and future health, by providing a calm, secure and loving environment and helping children develop important life skills such as emotional self-regulation.

Some families only need a little help. Other families have more serious concerns. Either way, offering timely and effective support can change life outcomes. For example, conduct disorders in children are regarded as the most reliable early indicator of adult mental health problems; evidence-based parenting programmes such as Triple P have been shown to be effective in treating them.

Case study: better outcomes through partnerships

East Sussex County Council is leading the way when it comes to encouraging local agencies to work together to improve the delivery of evidence-based parenting support services.

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Healthy innovations

We work with CAMHS, CCGs, NHS Trusts and Public Health to improve family functioning, parents’, children’s and teenagers’ mental health, and lifelong health outcomes.

Our partners are using creative, collaborative ways to support families through and alongside the health system to provide better outcomes for families, including in disadvantaged communities.

We also offer unique ways to reach families such as a prescription pad for GPs to refer parents who are seeking help, and communications campaigns to encourage mums and dads to feel more comfortable asking for support.

Most importantly, we also offer affordable evidence-based, best-practice treatments (as recommended by NICE Guidelines) for symptoms of ADHD in young children, and for conduct disorders.


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Claire Halsey

Trainer & Implementation Consultant Triple P UK

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