Providing support where it's most needed

Treatment and prevention work best in combination. Delivering parenting interventions as part of a population health approach to improving outcomes is the way to create long-lasting change. This also aligns with the proven benefits of taking a public health approach to crime prevention.

We help local authorities and third sector agencies prevent and treat problems, support vulnerable families, such as those on the edge-of-care or those experiencing parental conflict, and build community capacity with cost-effective, evidence-based interventions for all families.

Triple P can support local authorities to achieve more with less, including by:

  • Destigmatising parenting support by offering evidence-based programmes to a whole community
  • Ensuring all families have access to the same continuum of support; they choose what they need
  • Using evidence-based tools and systems
  • Offering an integrated communications campaign to reach more families
  • Actively supporting the implementation process, from planning to sustainability and maintenance.
  • Supporting safe environments for children.
  • Supporting families on the edge of care or dealing with complex problems such as domestic abuse, alcohol abuse and mental health challenges.
  • Lowering rates of child maltreatment.
  • Reducing parental conflict.
  • Supporting foster parents and adoptive parents.
  • Supporting the youth justice system and crime prevention.
  • Improving school readiness.

Case study: whole community benefits

In Ireland, the Midlands Area Parenting Partnership rolled out Triple P across the entire community of Longford Westmeath. Even though not every family took part, the social contagion effect spread the benefits across the community.

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Extra help at the frontlines

For decades, Triple P's programmes have had a strong positive impact on parents and communities around the globe. Now there‚Äôs an even more cost-effective way to reach families at scale for minimal financial outlay, with the evidence-based Triple P Online (and Teen Triple P Online) programmes. These can be implemented either through referral pathways or as part of a broad population-level strategy, with an integrated communications campaign and incorporating Triple P's face-to-face programmes.


How can we help you reach your goals?

Matt Buttery

CEO Triple P UK

How can we help?

Implement the Triple P System, train your staff, and/or offer online courses for families or educators


Triple P Implementation

Use a proven system to create a successful, sustainable population-health approach to child and family wellbeing.

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