Why are we different?

Health and social care services are always evolving, and looking for ways to maximise support while minimising costs. Part of that is having a solid understanding of what local neighbourhoods and individuals need, and working effectively with local partners to avoid waste and provide integrated support.

Flexible delivery

This is where the Triple P programme offers a distinct advantage: it’s been designed to be delivered across a number of different formats, including directly to parents (online).

Varying levels of interlocking support with over 25 parenting support solutions to be tailored to the needs of the individual family situation, for those who need a lot of support as well as those who need only a little. Similarly, parents who do a Triple P programme set their own goals and use strategies and skills in their own way, which they find both refreshing and empowering.

One system to maximise efficiency

Triple P's programmes have been shown to deliver strong outcomes for comparatively little investment of delivery time, making Triple P much more cost-effective for communities to deliver. It’s the right combination of rigorous systems and adaptability and flexibility to meet the unique needs of each community and family.

When those who interact with families (through the education, health and social systems) are able to provide one language of support for their families, offering consistent help across the community, regardless of a family's particular needs, strong outcomes for comparatively little investment of delivery time.

Discover the full suite of programmes we offer: contact our team to learn more about The Triple P System.

Implementation support catered to local needs

How a community chooses to deliver Triple P, either through one programme or a combination of programmes across multi-levels to provide population reach, will depend on the unique needs of that community and their existing service delivery.

Triple P UK's implementation teams work with community partners to determine the level of need across the community, what type of support(s) will work best, where families prefer to access help, how to communicate to all parents and carers what support is available, and – crucially – how to determine if that support is getting to those most in need and it's working.

Positively changing communities

Triple P is the only parenting program designed to be delivered to whole communities.


How can we help you reach your goals?

Jo Andreini

Operations Manager Triple P UK

How can we help?

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Triple P Implementation

Use a proven system to create a successful, sustainable population-health approach to child and family wellbeing.

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