The evidence

Whether you're an individual practitioner offering parenting support to patients or clients, or a government, agency or organisation implementing parenting interventions across a community, you need to be confident you can rely on the parenting programme you choose. Can it genuinely help the parents you work with?

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is an evidence-based system of parenting interventions unlike any other. For communities, the effects can be widespread and long-lasting: Triple P’s programmes (which governments and organisations choose and deliver to suit local needs), can help prevent and treat emotional and conduct problems and mental health issues in children and adolescents, and can help prevent child maltreatment and out-of-home placements. Triple P can also help children perform better academically and improve the home learning environment.

The evidence is always growing

Triple P is backed by more than four decades of ongoing research carried out by academic institutions and through real- world evaluations around the world. Researchers from more than 37 countries have published more than 980 trials, evaluation studies and meta-analyses. This includes more than 172 randomised controlled trials.

The UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre evaluation of Triple P in Ireland showed how the system delivered community-wide health benefits.

Independent research

Half of the research has now been conducted independently of Triple P’s developers.


How can we help you reach your goals?

Matt Buttery

CEO Triple P UK

How can we help?

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Triple P Implementation

Use a proven system to create a successful, sustainable population-health approach to child and family wellbeing.

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